john hunt



I was trained as a painter at the Birmingham College of Art at a time when the traditional Renaissance format still underpinned the teaching methodology at the College. However, the ideas that had brought about changes in nearly all of the art forms at the beginning of the twentieth century were starting to permeate through Britain’s art schools, albeit with some resistance from the more traditionally minded teaching staff.



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I saw the first Picasso retrospective at the Tate gallery, became aware of the post war

American artists and their aggressive use of

paint and heard on Radio 3 the first reports of the New York exhibitions by artists who were using imagery derived from popular culture.


I became interested in the questions that were being posed by the painters and sculptors of the twentieth century.


Quite early on I found myself drawn to the work of the Surrealist painters and the way in which they ‘’collaged’’ together images to generate strange relationships that change the viewers perception of the ‘’everyday’’.


I worked with screen printing techniques for a number of years and this has tended to

influence the appearance of many of my